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Understanding how inpatient addiction treatment centers work can be quite confusing for some people. There are various options as far as types of therapies, length of stay, and specialized programs are concerned.

Rehab centers are continually striving to use and identify effective treatment methods. This explains why addicts seeking treatment and their families have a wide range of options. Although it can be confusing at first, it also means you can find an addiction treatment program that suits your particular needs.

In this post, you will learn about the emerging trends that are regarded as best practices in rehab centers. In addition, you will learn about cutting-edge methods that are showing a lot of promise. Ideally, they are the best practices that have become so effective that they are considered the standard of care in most inpatient addiction treatment centers.

Comprehensive, Personalized Treatment

It is now evident that addiction treatment providers are offering a wide range of facilities rather than a single path that all ought to follow. Upon admission, the rehab facility staff uses examination tools to understand areas in a patient’s life that require more attention and the therapies that can benefit him or her. Experts have found out that there are different ways in which addicts can recover. Even the traditional 12-step treatment approach has changed to include extras such as therapy and counseling.

To achieve the best results possible addiction treatment must be individualized to meet each person’s needs. This is because each individual has different goals, values, and motivation. Also, the root cause of addiction varies from one person to another, and there are several types of addiction.

Integration of Homeopathic, Holistic, and Clinical Techniques

In the recent past, rehab centers used to describe themselves as holistic, clinical, traditional, or 12-step, the truth is that modern facilities offer a combination of these methods. Usually, a given addiction treatment facility may focus its program on a given approach such as holistic treatment, and then add other types of services.

Focus on the Root Cause of Addiction

Addiction treatment experts argue that “getting clean” is not sufficient for long-term recovery. It is important to understand what led you to alcohol or drugs. This is necessary to help you unravel the primary cause of addiction so that you do not get back to the alcohol or substances after leaving the rehab.

Focus on Whole-Life Improvement

Other than addressing the main cause of addiction, it is a good idea to help people who have recovered to develop new interests and habits to improve their quality of life. Moreover, this will help them manage cravings and avoid the stress that can result in relapse. Patients are offered training in healthy eating, drug-free pain management, enjoyable exercise, building healthy relationships, and exciting leisure activities.

Holistic Therapy Techniques

Integration of eastern and western medicine is another significant trend in addiction treatment centers. For instance, techniques such as acupuncture, meditation, and yoga have been in use as healing techniques in different parts of the world for hundreds of years. Most treatment centers have adopted these techniques.

Medically Based Therapies

Advancements in medical technology have helped in alleviating pain caused by withdrawal symptoms. Besides, it has helped reduce biological dependency on the substances and reduce cravings. The main aim of addiction recovery is to restore the body of an addict to its natural biological processes. Some of the medical innovations that are widely used in inpatient addiction treatment centers include the bridge device, biochemical restoration, and neurofeedback.

New Drugs for Opioid Addiction

Heroin addiction has ravaged the country. Fortunately, researchers have developed new drugs to help opioid addicts recover from physical and physiological effects of addiction. Thus, there are alternatives to Buprenorphine and Methadone. They include

Naltrexone, Zubsolv, and Probuphine.

Although inpatient addiction treatment centers may promise to use modern, cutting-edge methods, it is vital for treatment seekers to carry out their homework when looking for a facility. For instance, you need to find the certifications and qualifications of the staff, licensing of the facility, and aftercare support systems.

When dealing with addiction, you may feel as though you have lost the battle or you are alone. You may even think you are the only one having problems with alcohol and drugs. We are here to help. If you have questions about addiction or seeking treatment, give us a call now on 0330 113 2627.

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