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Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment
The first step to recovery from an addiction problem is recognising and admitting that you have a problem. Now that you are at this stage, Rehab Healthcare will help you to find the most appropriate treatment for you. Whether it be addiction counselling, arranging a medical detox (home or rehab), residential rehabilitation or just a word of advice and support for a friend or family member, we can arrange the right help at the right time to ensure you tackle your addiction. Rehab Healthcare has an extensive network of CQC-approved treatment centres and qualified healthcare professionals across the country on standby to help you to find the most suitable support and services for you and your family.

Factors to consider when deciding on the form of addiction treatment:

  • Is there a physical dependency on drugs or alcohol?
  • Can you do this in your hometown or do you need to get away from the triggers associated with your use?
  • What time do I have available to do this – can I take time off work and out of family life if I need to?
  • Do I have the financial resources to fund private treatment or do I need to access treatment through the NHS?
  • What support network do I have in place during and after my treatment?.

Please follow the following links on our pages for more details on the various addiction treatment measures:

1. Medical detox treatment:

(a) Alcohol detox

(b) Heroin/opiate detox

(c) Benzodiazepine detox

2. Psychological treatments:

(a) Counselling

(b) Residential rehab

c) Community Drug and Alcohol Services   


4. Family services:

(a) Help for yourself

(b) Help for a friend

(c) Help for a relative

To maximise the chances of long-term recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, it is important to find and utilise a combination of the different types of help available. They all serve a different purpose and like a jigsaw, once they are pieced together, they will form a solid foundation for sustained abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Here at Rehab Healthcare (Rehab Hc), we aim to help you to create a tailored package of care so that you and your loved ones can have a long-term plan for recovery.