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Dangers of drug use

It is not difficult to recognize the damage that substance use disorder can cause to an individual, community, or family. In fact, dangers of drug use are far-reaching. They range from a personal level to international level. Drug addiction does not start overnight. With continuous use, you will discover that you are spending a lot of time looking for drugs and thinking how you can pay for them. You may feel angry, depressed, or anxious. This may lead to psychological dependence. If you feel edgy, disoriented, or unable to work when you have not used a drug, then you are already addicted. Drugs such as marijuana are known to cause psychological dependence.

Identifying an addict

Substance use disorder affects persons from all socio-economic statuses and all walks of life. No matter the reason, dependency and tolerance develop quite quickly. In fact, before you even realize, addiction has taken its toll. In most cases, to get out of addiction, an addict will definitely need outside assistance. Remember that substance use wreaks havoc on the mind and body and it eventually kills. Abuse of substances produces certain noticeable symptoms and signs. They include both behavioral and physical symptoms. Physical changes include abrupt weight changes, glazed eyes, dilated pupils, bruises, and infections. Behavioral symptoms include increased irritability, changes in personality, depression, and financial problems. If your loved one has this problem, it is a good idea to give us a call on 0330 113 2627 or email us at immediately.


Berkshire is just a doorstep to London. It boasts royal connections and offers enviable country living. In fact, Berkshire is a county of many contrasts. It boasts sleepy rural villages such as Cookham. On the other hand, it is a great home to many bustling towns such as Bracknell and Maidenhead. Other than being home to renowned Eton College, nearly all its state schools are quite impressive. If you love entertainment and dining, Berkshire County has a lot to offer. However, one of its challenges is drug addiction. Fortunately, with Rehab HC offering addiction treatment programs in this area, the problem is likely to be a thing of the past.

At Rehab Healthcare, we help make the process of finding a rehab center hassle free. Rehab Facilities offer a variety of treatment options, and the range of amenities they provide vary. To find the right rehab clinic to suit your needs, call 0330-113-2627 and speak to one of our advisors. Based on the information you provide us, we will help you choose the rehab centre best suited for you.

Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of drug-related mental health and behavioural disorders. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 11 per cent higher than 2005/06.
Number of registered deaths related to drug misuse in 2015. This is an increase of 10 per cent on 2014 and 48 per cent higher than 2005.
Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of poisoning by illicit drugs in 2015/2016. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 51 per cent more than 2005/06.

Difference between residential and outpatient treatment

Residential rehab center requires that a patient is admitted to the facility, where he or she is closely monitored during the treatment and recovery. On the other hand, outpatient means that treatment procedures are done outside the premises of a rehab center. If you or your loved one has intense addiction problems, a residential addiction treatment offers a comprehensive approach that is ideal to break the cycle of dependency. A good example of a residential rehab facility in Berkshire is Rehab HC.

Searching for the right rehab treatment centre in Berkshire

Deciding upon what kind of rehabilitation facility in Berkshire is perfect for a friend or relative battling addiction requires a significant amount of research which can take a quite a bit of time and effort. The majority of people possess neither the time nor the skills to undergo such a time consuming task when evaluating the right rehabilitation treatment centre. Rehab HC is undoubtedly devoted to helping men and women in your predicament to be able to find very good health care as quickly as possible. We are going to pay attention to you and help you work out the correct course of action to take in order to deal with and rid yourself addiction.

A rehab facility has strict policies about things you can take with you for treatment. Rehab HC provides a list of prohibited items and recommended items you will need during your stay. During the admission, an inspection is done on your luggage to ensure safety and only allowed items are brought in. Rehab HC will offer you some reading materials that are meant to aid recovery and self-help. However, a patient can come with his or her favorite materials. We allow our clients to bring things which can make their life quite comfortable during the stay. Give us a call on 0330 113 2627 or email us at for guidance.

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Selecting the best addiction treatment centre in Bedfordshire

Deciding upon what kind of rehabilitation facility in london is perfect for a person struggling with addiction requires a significant amount of research which can take a significant amount of time and energy. Rehab HC can take the load off you and find you the most suitable rehabilitation facility in london. One of our advisers will very carefully find out your requirements and tell you on how best to proceed. Phone us on 0330-113-2627 to begin the process of your pathway to recuperation.