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    Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking alcohol?

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    Do you drink alcohol early morning to stop withdrawal symptoms?

    Have you ever had a seizure after stopping alcohol?

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    Have you ever had any liver problems from alcohol abuse?

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    Have you ever had medical detox or rehab for alcohol or drugs in the past?

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    In the past year, has drinking alcohol affected your job, finances or responsibilities at home?

    In the past year, any feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking alcohol?

    In the past year, have you been unable to remember what happened the night before, because you had been drinking?

    In the past year, have you or somebody else been injured as a result of your drinking?

    In the past year, has a relative or friend or health professional been concerned about your drinking or advised that you cut down?

    Do you abuse any illicit drugs or substance or prescription drugs?

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    Do you have a history of suicidal thoughts, self-harm, deliberate drug overdose or suicidal attempt?

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    Note: A nominated carer is a responsible adult (relative, friend or loved) to stay with and support the patient during home detox. No need for previous experience or medical expertise as clear direction will be provided.


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