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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinics in Gloucestershire

Types of addiction

People are usually addicted to alcohol, drugs, and behavioral activities such as gambling. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause severe damages to the body. For instance, it may result in liver disease, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, nerve damage, memory loss, and heart attacks. Drug abuse is characterized by damaging ways in which the drug or substance takes over one’s individual life and even disrupting his or her normal living. It can even lead to unhealthy relationships and drug-related legal problems that can affect your overall quality of life.

Drug abuse causes

Causes of drug abuse are not well-known but may include co-occurring conditions, environmental factors, and genetic predisposition. Drug experimentation and use are quite common in teens and adults. However, it is a very small percentage of drug users that abuse those drugs. It has been noted that drug abuse runs in some families. Thus, genetics is one of the major causes. It has also been noted that other conditions such as mental illness cause drug abuse. For instance, a person who is depressed may use a given drug repeatedly as a means of escaping his or her depressive mood. It is well known that not every person who has a mental illness abuses alcohol or drugs. Therefore, mental illness cannot be a cause of drug abuse.


Gloucestershire has idyllic towns and glorious countryside and villages that have inspired a lot of people. Located in Southwestern England; the bustling market towns and picturesque villages are home to winding streets and golden-stone cottages. The major cultural center is Cheltenham. Also, the town of Gloucester has a lot of shops and theatres. This is a great place to live albeit a few problems such as increasing levels of drug addiction.

At Rehab Healthcare, we help make the process of finding a rehab center hassle free. Rehab Facilities offer a variety of treatment options, and the range of amenities they provide vary. To find the right rehab clinic to suit your needs, call 0330-113-2627 and speak to one of our advisors. Based on the information you provide us, we will help you choose the rehab centre best suited for you.

Drug Misuse In England

Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of drug-related mental health and behavioural disorders. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 11 per cent higher than 2005/06.
Number of registered deaths related to drug misuse in 2015. This is an increase of 10 per cent on 2014 and 48 per cent higher than 2005.
Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of poisoning by illicit drugs in 2015/2016. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 51 per cent more than 2005/06.

Effects of drug abuse

Usually, a person suffering from substance use disorder may not realize that he or she has the problem until the effects are seen, particularly the physical ones. Drug effects on the body vary depending on the drug used. The truth is that drug abuse has a negative impact on a person’s health. Some of the common drug abuse effects include decreased cognitive abilities and memory, and sleeping pattern changes. The physical effects include nausea, chest pain, more frequent illnesses, diseases, abnormal blood pressure, and much more. There are also psychological effects like lack of interest on activities a person used to enjoy before.

Drug abuse treatment

Addiction treatment starts with a visit to a rehab center. This is where doctors assess your situation. The treatment involves counseling services, therapy, and medications. Usually, a patient is prescribed medication to ease withdrawal symptoms and also prevent relapse. The patient may also be screened for other mental issues. This is because continuous use of substances alters the way the brain functions. A residential rehab facility is quite beneficial to those suffering from long-term or severe substance abuse issues. This is because all services and efforts are made to help an addict achieve long lasting sobriety. These include medical attention, peer support, behavioral treatment, and even aftercare programs.

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Drug abuse support and counseling groups

Medical drug addiction treatment may help with certain cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. Achieving lasting sobriety means changing the behaviors and thoughts around the use of drugs. Thus, counseling addresses both the behavioral and psychological issues. A psychiatrist and addiction therapists usually offer it. Overall treatment also includes support groups during treatment and after treatment. The good thing about these groups is that they allow drug abusers to support each other and also to stay sober and clean.

At Rehab HC, we believe in psychological, spiritual, and physical healing in alcohol and drug abuse recovery. We offer support and help to children, young persons, adults, and families. We provide confidential drug addiction treatment in Gloucestershire and other parts of the country. Our experts offer advice, support, and information on various treatment options available at our residential facility. We welcome new addicts. Therefore, if you are addicted or have a loved one suffering from this problem, get in touch by calling us on 0330 113 2627 or email us at Our support team will help you know the available options and guide you. We are here to care for you and your family. Do not hesitate to call us.