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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinics in Greater Oxfordshire

What to look for in a rehab center.

An addiction treatment center ought to provide a supportive, safe environment where to benefit from a wide range of recovery services that include group therapy, individual counseling, drug detox, recreational therapy, nutritional counseling, and aftercare. You should look for an accredited facility that is staffed by experienced drug abuse treatment experts and health practitioners. Before admission, a doctor will carry out a comprehensive evaluation by professionals who can come up with a specialized plan to meet your needs. The treatment facility ought to provide adequate support throughout the recovery.

What types of addiction treatment are available?

Nowadays, there are different levels of care and support available to patients depending on their stages of addiction. Usually, each program starts with detoxification. This is a process that cleanses the body of drugs from the system and prepares the patient for deep recovery. The treatment takes place in a residential facility. This means that the patient will receive around the clock monitoring. Residential treatment is the most intensive form of care provided. It is also more structured as compared to outpatient.


Oxfordshire offers a mix of modern and ancient. It is a vibrant cosmopolitan with amazing architecture and history. There are a lot of students that live in the city. In fact, you will not lack ways to enjoy your free time. There are theatres, cinemas, swimming pools, an ice rink, and countless restaurants and cafes. However, it has a share of its problems. Alcohol and drug addiction rate is higher than ever before. If you have a loved one who is addicted to alcohol and drugs, you should call Rehab HC now

At Rehab Healthcare, we help make the process of finding a rehab center hassle free. Rehab Facilities offer a variety of treatment options, and the range of amenities they provide vary. To find the right rehab clinic to suit your needs, call 0330-113-2627 and speak to one of our advisors. Based on the information you provide us, we will help you choose the rehab centre best suited for you.

Drug Misuse In England

Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of drug-related mental health and behavioural disorders. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 11 per cent higher than 2005/06.
Number of registered deaths related to drug misuse in 2015. This is an increase of 10 per cent on 2014 and 48 per cent higher than 2005.
Number of hospital admissions with a primary diagnosis of poisoning by illicit drugs in 2015/2016. This is 6 per cent more than 2014/15 and 51 per cent more than 2005/06.

Which is the most appropriate addiction treatment?

The type of treatment for any given patient is dependent on several factors such as drug use history, past treatment experiences, and level of addiction. Thus, there is a need to take into account co-occurring health conditions – both psychological and physical that can affect the outcome of the treatment. For instance, patients that exhibit signs of mental illness need intensive, specialized treatment, which addresses his or her conditions. There is a need to match every patient with an appropriate level of support and care. You should note that patients who have a history of relapse need intensive treatment and care.

What is the cost of addiction treatment?

The cost of alcohol and drug abuse treatment varies from one rehab center to another or from one program to another. Remember that there are both public and private rehab facilities. Private facilities offer their services at a higher cost as compared to public ones. It is important to note that the services a patient receives do affect influence the cost of treatment. Residential programs cost more as compared to outpatient services. This is attributed to costs of housing, medical expenses, staffing, and other expenses. Other services that result in additional cost include private accommodations, optional therapies, extra counseling, and specific prescription medications. No matter your financial situation, you can get alcohol and drug treatment that can fit your needs. It is important to find a facility that offers quality addiction treatment from highly experienced, compassionate experts at an affordable cost.

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How to convince an addict to seek treatment

It is believed that only the addict can decide to seek treatment. Unfortunately, this may take a lot of time, and irreparable damage may have already occurred. According to drug abuse treatment experts, intervention by friends or family is necessary. If your friend exhibits signs of substance abuse, you may feel you should not interfere, believing you will alienate your loved one or even make the addiction problem worse. The truth is that when you step in, it is an indication that you care and you could literally save the life of your loved one. When approaching your loved one, you need to be nonjudgmental and calm as much as you can. Even if you have painful memories or strong feelings associated with the addition of your loved one, you should note that drug addiction is a chronic disease that is similar to cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. The best thing to do is to call us on 0330 113 2627 or email us at We will be glad to intervene.