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9th November 2018
Emerging Trends in Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Understanding how inpatient addiction treatment centers work can be quite confusing for some people. There are various options as far as types of therapies, length of stay, and specialized programs are concerned.   Rehab centers are continually striving to use and identify effective treatment methods. This explains why addicts seeking treatment and their families have […]

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23rd October 2018
The Various Types of Alcohol Problems You Should Know About

A person who has an alcohol problem does not necessarily mean he or she is an alcoholic. Alcohol problems can range from occasional driving to full-blown alcohol dependence or alcoholism.   However, not everyone with these problems is an addict, and everyone can benefit from alcohol addiction treatment. Therefore, it does not mean you have […]

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22nd October 2018
Best Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

Quitting heroin is nearly impossible, but for those with motivation or sincere desire to quit, there are certain treatments available and recovery is possible. The treatment options include pharmacological treatments, detox programs, and behavioral therapies. These approaches to treatment can be effective individually, but studies show that integrating all of them is ideal for people […]

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20th October 2018
10 Benefits Of Inpatient Rehabilitation

There are a wide variety of benefits of inpatient rehab. If you are looking for help from drug or alcohol addiction for yourself, a friend or family member, here are ten advantages of inpatient rehabilitation for you to take into consideration:  The focus is on you. When you check into an inpatient rehab program, the […]

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13th September 2018
How Addiction Affects Friends and Family Members

  As you probably know, addiction is not a one-way road. In fact, the negative behaviors often affect their loved ones. When one is addicted to alcohol or drugs, his or her behaviors do not occur on another planet. It can be challenging to be in this given role, as a family member or friend […]

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13th September 2018
Top Signs that Reveal Your Loved One is Addicted to Alcohol

  The fact that alcohol is socially acceptable makes it the most abused substance. Also, it is quite difficult to tell when one may have abused alcohol. When dealing with a loved one, it is a bit challenging to judge whether his or her drinking habits are within the healthy limits. Moreover, when you are […]

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12th July 2018
How to Save Someone from Alcoholism

Watching your friend, colleague, or family member with an alcohol addiction can be quite difficult. Probably, you are thinking how you can save the person or even reverse the situation. You are not even sure whether the person wants your help or not.   A person suffering from alcohol use disorder has both psychological and […]

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12th July 2018
Does Going to Rehab Raise Private Health Insurance Rates?

People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction ought not to be denied access to rehab by the insurance providers. One of the reasons most people fail to seek treatment is that private and government insurance programs do not cover costs adequately. To fight the addiction problem that is ravaging the country, there is a need […]

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11th July 2018
Shaming of Drug Addicts Publicly – It Never Works

Probably, you have come across videos or photos of alcoholics or addicts in dire situations on social media. The question is: does public shaming help addicts to quit? Recent studies have found that the resulting embarrassment causes more harm than good. In fact, it tends to drive them to use alcohol or drugs more as […]

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