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Acknowledge the difference between a detox center & other residential rehabs for lasting recovery

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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime states that nearly 275 million people used drugs in 2020, and hence, about 36 million people experienced the disorder. It shows that people are addicted to different drugs, and the cases shot up during the pandemic.

So, seeking help is a critical step to eradicate this habit. However, be abreast with the treatment technique that will work best for you. It can be drug and alcohol detox or opting for rehabilitation. These both will help you with a long-lasting recovery. Both these treatments are quite necessary for beating addiction, but detox and rehabilitation are different processes.

If you are based in the UK and want to know the difference between getting into the Detox Center or the Residential Rehabs, reach out to reputed Rehab healthcare in the UK. They will help you get abreast with the terms and get treated according to the severity of your condition.

What Is A Detox Center?

When people are addicted to the drugs daily, which leads to physical dependency, the patient is put on detoxification. It is the process of letting the harmful drugs out of your body. This treatment focuses on managing the withdrawal symptoms in the patients when they have stopped taking drugs or alcohol.

The medications used in the detox helps in keeping the users comfortable while the drugs leave their body. Patients may take months or days to come out of the withdrawal symptoms of the drugs and alcohol. The detoxification is also known as the ‘cold turkey’ process, where you stop using the drugs altogether.

So, to get rid of the drug substances or alcohol from your body, referred to the Detox Center. Here, they will keep you there in the first phase of recovery. The Detox Center is a medically supervised facility where the drug detox process is followed. The drug or alcohol detox can be carried out in the hospital and detox center, or residential detox Treatment can be arranged at home, looking at the severity of the condition.

But, most patients are kept in the detox center because the initial weeks are quite challenging and can take a serious toll on an addict’s body and mind. The detox is done using certain medications for drugs like benzodiazepines, and for alcohol can prove fatal if not done under medical care. Even the detox for opioids can be physically and mentally uncomfortable if the detox is done outside the medical facility or the detox center. The detox center has proper detox programs to help you recover at little to no cost.

Residential Rehabs

Addiction is a form of illness that may linger on for long periods if not taken care of at the right moment. For long-term recovery, the Residential Rehabs work best as they help with the long-term recovery. Experts recommend residential rehabs if the addict successfully wants to come out of the drug addiction. This is the second phase after the detox center and at-home treatment if the patients want to achieve long-term success.

The Residential Rehabs functioning all over the UK provides 24*7 monitoring to the addicts that helps them to manage and sustain through the gains that they have made throughout in the Detox Center. Moreover, there is complete distraction from drugs or alcohol at these rehabs so patients can recover fully. Residential Rehabs tend to treat all aspects of the addiction that includes emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Although patients are kept in the rehab center 24*7, there are no strict rules to hamper their freedom. The Residential Rehabs indulge in versatile activities with the patients like lectures, therapy, music, and yoga, motivating the addicts on the path of recovery to exercise daily.

The best thing about these rehabs is they control the patient’s triggers. Massive change takes place in the habits and behavior of the addicts. People get the necessary counseling every week, and there is always someone present to support the patients in the recovery process.

The Rehab Admission Process is also not complex nowadays as the rehab healthcare will first assess the severity of your drug substance abuse. Secondly, the reputed residential rehab community will provide you the location of the rehab closer to your home and give a suitable treatment model for you. Moreover, the local communities or medical centers will make affordable rehab available for you along with helping you with transport and handling you from the first day until you become perfectly alright.

Bottom Line

Both Detox Center and Residential Rehabs play a crucial role in helping the addicts with the delivery process. The difference is that detoxification is the first process in recovery, and rehabilitation is the second and final phase to support the addict’s recovery. If you are looking for the best detox center and residential rehab in the UK, reach out to Rehab HC today. They have an experienced medical team to handle substance and alcohol abuse.