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If very commonly available in the illegal drugs market and hugely infamous is cocaine. Banned by several countries worldwide, this highly addictive CNS stimulant drug can cause an ecstatic feeling on consumption.

The drug is available in powdery white form or even in crystal rock form. While users may snort it, some may even heat the rock crystal and snort the smoke too. Remember, it may not be in the purest form if you purchase the cocaine from any random shady drug dealer. If your family member is procuring this drug from an illegal dealer or is attending nefarious parties, it is time to take action. The results might be more psychological as it directly affects the Central Nervous system. Rehab Healthcare in the UK provides an extensive de-addiction treatment that comprises holistic detoxification and psychological counseling programs.

The way it Works on the brain

When you consume cocaine, in a matter of seconds, the brain receives a signal that then releases the neurotransmitters like dopamine and stimulates pleasure.

Dopamine release is common when one feels pleasure and then returns to the neurons to stop the signal. Here cocaine works and prolongs the feeling of joy. It prevents the dopamine from returning to the neuron. It results in several things: releasing energy, alertness, and a false feeling of being happy.

Regular consumption of cocaine can result in addiction, and unfortunately, there is no safe limit in the consumption of cocaine. People start taking cocaine and then let their lifestyle take a drastic turn soon.

The Health Hazards of Consuming Cocaine

An overdose of cocaine is the last thing one would want. Illegal drug dealers often mix other harmful chemicals or drugs in it, thereby raising its risk manifold. That said, an overdose of cocaine can lead to life-threatening seizures, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, or heart failure. Also, these are the threats your health faces even when you are regularly taking a limited amount of it.

Death due to cocaine overdose is not unheard of as the drug works on the brain and heart at the same time. When you do not know what all chemicals or drugs the dealers have put in the cocaine you just snorted, understand that you are only heightening the risk. This is the time for you to resort to Cocaine Addiction Treatment from a trusted de-addiction center.

Cocaine Dependence and Mental Health Risks

Cocaine triggers the pleasure part of the brain. The brain becomes more active, and the user will feel the urge to prolong the effects more often. They would want to stay in the feel-good state for more extended periods. They may begin to use it regularly, which is where the mental state begins to falter.

When they start taking cocaine regularly to feel happy, they start feeling anxious or depressed when they are not taking it. Suicidal thoughts wreak havoc on the mind, and it starts creating other mental issues like schizophrenia, depression, delusion, paranoia among others.

If you see your friend suffering from long-term cocaine abuse, rush him to Rehab HC, the private addiction treatment in the UK. It would facilitate him to seek help in time at the earliest.

Unfortunately, there is no single recommended method of medical help for the cocaine de-addiction. So, the treatment program would comprise of a detailed psychological intervention only.

Why Cocaine Addiction is the Much Feared Problem

When it comes to abusing cocaine, we have to understand that its prevalence has a lot to do with this. Crack or cocaine is addictive, and it is in any form you take. The injected crack gives a stronger effect of pleasure, so many prefer injecting it than snorting the cocaine powder. But this only means one thing, that either way, its results are disastrous.

In rave parties, dealers often mix cocaine with other equally potent drugs like marijuana, Xanax, ADHD medications, Viagra, Alcohol, and Lopressor.

It means you get additional risks that you had never counted for while consuming. If that was not enough, many users prefer the injected version of cocaine, thereby exposing themselves to needle-led infections like HIV, hepatitis, or even infections on the site of injection. The blood vessels and arteries might get damaged beyond repair with regular injection.

An Effective Treatment For a Better Life

With the combined damages of the other drugs or alcohol with cocaine, one can expect a detrimental effect beyond repair. However, with help from psychological counselors from Rehab HC in the UK, one can look forward to some recovery. The clinic will also help in taking you out of that dependence and bring you back to normalcy. It also provides you with ample support throughout the recovery phase and even after it.

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