Under-Age Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a causal factor for almost 60 medical conditions like stomach cancer, depression, high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. A report states that over 42.4% of the adolescents are undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction, and 39% of the youngsters above the age of 18 years are undergoing the same treatment. The main reason for adolescent drinking is the emotional, dramatic, physical, and lifestyle changes because of puberty and increased independence.

Apart from this, they start to drink, but under peer pressure, they resort to harmful drinking too or get addicted to alcohol in the long run. This has even led to death in accidents or because of trips and falls.

Adolescents Prone To Drinking

Why Are Adolescents Prone To Drinking?

1. Drinking is seen as a social activity

Alcohol is embedded in society and seen as the way to relieve stress and produce a positive mood. But, this mood-relieving activity has become dangerous for teens. To escape the pressure and stress at school, most adolescents opt for this form of addiction. They drink too much at an early age. Underage drinkers are stated to consume almost 4 to 5 drinks per occasion. The time between drinking is approximately 6 months.

2. Continuous peer pressure

Alcohol involvement and peer pressure lead to negative effects on the health of underage people. The peer pressure comes from classmates and friends that are direct and indirect. Direct pressure is when peers/classmates ask the person to do something deliberately. Indirect pressure arises when an underage person watches others engaging in an activity and performs the same actions. The indirect pressure even comes when adolescents see pictures of people partying on social media. This motivates them to taste or drink a glass of an alcoholic beverage.

3. Looks socially cool

Adolescents who switch to drinking think that switching to alcoholism will make them look cool, and they can fit in with the traditions of society. It will help them feel more comfortable around their friends, and they will be accepted in their peer group. A few teenagers are simply doing it just because they want to battle the awkward pressure they are feeling from their friends.

4. Battle mental and emotional problems

A few teens switch to alcohol to look cool or easily available, but others want to battle depression and anxiety issues. Many adolescents are going through emotional and mental problems that lead to poor impulse control. This increases their dependence on alcohol that further leads to alcohol abuse among teenagers and youngsters.

Warning Signs of Underage Alcoholism

Teenage drinking is creating a problem for them, their families, and society as a whole. Adolescents cannot focus on themselves, which risks their families and society’s life in danger.

Here are a few warning signs:

  • Mood swings
  • Drinking in isolation
  • The extreme level of changes in their behavior
  • Reckless driving
  • Behavioral problems
  • Alcohol withdrawal includes nightmares, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, etc.

But, to avoid underage drinking, there are some psychological treatments for addictions that must be administered timely. This will change the very essence of adolescent’s behavior, and they can become a part of a healthy society.

Significant Ways To Treat Underage Alcoholism

To treat alcohol abuse in adolescents, the parents need to find a relevant de-addiction program. This will help the teenagers to recover well and under the supervision of experts. There are personalized alcohol de-addiction treatments provided to adolescents. The tailor-made program will help the adolescents with:

  • Reducing the positive image of alcoholic beverages and looking at it as the sign of social lifestyle
  • Helping to build zero tolerance towards the alcohol
  • Involving parents at a large extent to help their child know about the negative effects of alcohol and its withdrawal
  • Building stress and anxiety management strategies
  • Encouraging them to participate in the extra-curricular activities
  • By talking with their parents and experts, teenagers can get rid of the alcohol abuse as quickly as possible.
  • Community intervention also plays a great role. The authorities must frame stricter laws to stop alcohol addiction among the underage population. The training must be given to the respective shop owners and their staff to check alcohol sales to the adolescents. Media must be used to raise awareness about this grave issue.


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