Addiction of Methadone

Everyone in their lifetime will at least for once need for using painkillers. You may have broken a bone while playing soccer, and the doctor might have recommended the painkiller to ease the pain.

You might have also felt the need for relief from long-term chronic pain, for which the doctor might have recommended the painkiller. In many of these, Methadone might also be available in small quantities. Methadone falls in the opioid analgesics family and thereby has plenty of chances to cause methadone addiction.

If a person you know needs rehab from this addiction, Rehab Healthcare is the best choice. The UK-based rehab and de-addiction clinic has specialist staff members to cater to all the needs and encourage the patients to a better life.

What Causes Methadone Addiction

What Causes Methadone Addiction

Methadone has the property of causing an alteration to the way you respond to pain and thereby helps in being a component in painkillers. It alters the way the nervous system would react to pain. Unlike morphine, this drug is slower in impact. Because it impacts the nervous system and the brain, stopping taking this drug might cause withdrawal symptoms.

The addiction takes effect slowly. Since it can block the effects of heroin and other drugs, experts use it to fight addiction. It is ironic that while doing so, one might fall prey to Methadone addiction too. The symptoms might include restlessness, vision problems, headache, and mood changes.

Overdosing on Methadone is common, and symptoms include slower heart rate, extreme drowsiness, pupils reducing in size, and more. Hence, you might need a Replacement therapy or a Maintenance treatment from the Rehab clinic, UK-based.

Rehab and the Other Methods

Methadone can induce dependence even when you use it as a method for withdrawing from heroin addiction. Methadone addiction might require a longer withdrawal and rehab plan if your friend has been taking the medicines for a long time.

In the rehab setting, the patients will be under the constant and vigilant care of the caregivers and doctors who treat addiction. They would firstly sit with the patient and see their history of drug addiction. If they have been under the influence of Methadone to stay clear from heroin, they would need to go through the slow-paced withdrawal.

One indeed uses the rehab program for treating any addiction. Though it is up to the clinic to suggest a full or partial stay during the treatment, the effects are beneficial in both cases.

Another point to help the patient in getting out of the Methadone addiction is by knowing how they got into this addiction in the first place. If they have become addicts or dependents on the drug because of their heroin detox program, they will need a different approach.

However, if the person is stealing the Methadone from the streets, the condition requires special care.

Detox from Methadone

Ideally, the UK addiction treatment center will be promoting a set of treatments. It would include one-on-one psychological therapies and counseling. The idea is to combat the dependence on the drug. Remember, with time, Methadone’s power will become less effective. It might cause the user to increase the dosage, and there begins the risk.

So, the doctors at Rehab Clinic UK would be watching the intake of these Methadone-based drugs but at a controlled measure.

The next step would be to look for withdrawal symptoms, including nausea, limp muscles, vomiting, disorientation, and more. The staff members would keep an eye on the drug control and even see for any harsher effects.

Besides this, medications also exist when you are in turn to quit Methadone over few weeks.
Often, the doctors might prescribe another drug to wear off the effects of Methadone without causing withdrawal like the Buprenorphine.

If the doctor feels that you might as well benefit by staying away from opioid-based drugs, he might suggest Suboxone too.

Another treatment will be to send the patient through counseling more regularly. Talking to the patients might help them to get to recovery faster than anything else.

Detoxifying from Methadone is only at its best when you go for the treatment from a reliable clinic. They would have doctors and medical practitioners round the clock. It would help speed the recovery and even help the person quit the Methadone entirely and for good.

Remember that during this cleansing process of flushing out Methadone, you might experience symptoms. At a rehab clinic, they will understand what urges you get and will do everything in their power to make your journey out of Methadone addiction a success.

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