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Signs Denoting Your Friend Might Have Fallen into Grasp of Heroin Addiction

Grasp of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction – despite having the potential of being the worst disaster of someone’s life, it can be challenging to be detected in someone. It’s normal for a person to be unable to relate to this word or its devastations when things are on their track. But, addiction or substance use disorders develop silently and continue to be that way, altering the addicted individual’s behavior, mindset, and feelings. Besides, changing a person from the behavioral and psychological aspects, it commits physical changes as well. However, that would be when the dependence is at its crowning state.

Detecting whether any of your friends or loved ones have fallen into the clasp of heroin addiction promptly is crucial and, yet, impossible if you don’t know the symptoms to search for. Hence, if you even have a little suspicion that a person you care for, seek the below-mentioned symptoms, and locate some or any of them, don’t hesitate to take proper measures to prevent it.

Signs of Possible Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an extremely addictive substance, which can be sticky black-colored bars to white or brown powders. Although, it’s highly unlikely that your friend who has been smoking for long will directly be addicted to heroin straight away. But, heroin addicts or other Substance use Disorder victims are often seen to come into this track after experiencing sudden shocks. Hence, if someone in your family is dealing with stressful situations or has received shocks, you should check on them.

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At the initial stage, it’s indeed difficult to identify symptoms of the opioid use disorder, as the person will, expectedly, devote enough effort in hiding his induction to illegal substance consumption. However, with the strides of time, it will be tough for him to veil its usage. It is when the symptoms appear and should be identified. Some of the common symptoms heroin addicts develop at one stage or another are:

Psychological Symptoms

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased Self-Esteem and a Continuous Feeling of Guilt
  • Frequent Mood Swings
  • Short Temperament and Reckless Behavior
  • Decreased Judgment and Decision Making Capacity
  • Disorientation, Suicidal Thoughts, and Confusion

Physical Symptoms

  • Contracted Pupils
  • Speech Slurring
  • Forgetfulness
  • Reduced Sense of Touch, Feel, and Pain
  • Descend in Personal Health and Hygiene
  • Sores in Noses, Runny Nose, or Needle Marks on Skin
  • Constipation

Social Symptoms

  • Decrease Educational or Professional Performance
  • Incessant Requirement of Money
  • Frequent Issues in Educational or Professional Organizations
  • The tendency of Shunning Social Communications

Who are Likely to Develop Addiction to Heroin?

Factually, anyone, regardless of age and gender, can become addicted to heroin or other substances and develop Substance Use Disorders. Therefore, when the answer is everyone, the need of streamlining the answer, specifying a handful of traits becomes unnecessary. However, before you consider rehab healthcare facilities for leading residential rehab treatment providers in the UK like Rehab HC for someone, identifying some of the indicators from the above-mentioned list should also be in your knowledge. The factors that increase the risk of such problems are the following.

  • He or someone he knows has taken heroin or any other addictive substance before
  • A chain smoker of cigarettes
  • Have issues like anxiety or depression
  • Inclined in taking unnecessary risks or exposed to unhealthy environments or groups
  • Struggling with unemployment

Regardless, it’s also true that even if a person you care about has one or all the above-mentioned risk factors, it doesn’t mean he is sure to form the Substance Use Disorder. Remember that addiction is a widely stretched issue, which encompasses genetics, apart from environmental and psychological aspects.

How To Diagnose Someone with Heroin Addiction

Treatment for heroin consumption, Methadone Addiction treatment in the UK, or any other form of Substance Use Disorder can only be treated when diagnosed properly. Moreover, although comprehension of the associated symptoms and assessments of suspicious individuals based on those are significant, these don’t fall in a legit method of diagnosis.

Hence, opioid use disorder, too, should be diagnosed by specific assessments and examinations from a qualified medical professional. However, in some states, this responsibility belongs to only authorized alcohol and drug councilors.

Only after committing a variety of tests, including urine and blood tests, a medical professional can be sure about whether someone is taking drugs for real or not. Hence, even if you develop the slightest doubt saying someone you care for might be taking heroin, contact a professional as soon as possible.