How Methadone Addiction Can Be Dangerous For Your Health?

Often low dosage opioids are used to treat addicted people. Methadone is a medication that is widely used to treat opioid-related addiction like heroin, morphine, cocaine, etc. Since it is a synthetic opioid, patients do not have control over their recovery issues, and often they become dependent on it. It is a type of substance therapy that prevents a higher degree of substance abuse but encourages it indirectly on a smaller or lower scale.

But, Methadone, being a synthetic opioid itself, can cause long term addiction. It may lead to substance abuse and methadone is highly addictive. Hence, a lot of people often need treatment for Methadone addiction besides their conventional substance abuse. Rehab Healthcare is one of the best places in the UK that offers a practical and holistic approach to overcome methadone addiction in people.

Methadone addiction can lead to weak pulse, low blood pressure, stomach pain, and constipation, etc. Many people also suffer from a breathing disorder, shallow and labored breathing, drowsiness, passing out randomly, etc. It can also cause bluish nails and lips due to low blood pressure. Methadone can make immunity weak and may also lead to a coma.

Methadone addiction requires constant surveillance, counseling, medical detox, and comprehensive therapies to treat it. Besides that, a patient must have enough information about the health hazards of Methadone to provide them with guidance. The best way to treat this addiction is to contact Rehab Healthcare to get the best treatment so that the patient can return to a sober life.

Treatment Procedures

The treatment often requires customization. An expert analyses the status of the patient and suggests the proper methods with a holistic approach to help them overcome the addiction. Here are the conventional Methadone addiction treatments that are recommended-


If someone is suffering from Methadone addiction, the first thing recommend is going through a detoxification treatment. It is the method of providing regulated reducing doses of Methadone or other medications to the patient to stop the withdrawal symptoms the patient may experience. These includes –

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Yawning, watery eyes, runny nose
  • Diarrhoea/vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle and body pain and aches
  • High blood pressure
  • Seizures and goose bumps

A patient also needs to have mental courage during this stage.

Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Program

Sometimes the slow reduction in the regulated doses of Methadone or other treatment medications can happen in the community. Often addicted people become impatient and unable to cope and may require constant surveillance. Inpatient treatment requires the patient to enter into the rehab or a clinic to get full analysis and systematic procedure for the detoxification and addiction treatment. Inpatient treatment can be better because the person is under constant surveillance. Patients also receives psychological interventions like group counseling or individual counseling that speeds up their recovery rate.

On the other hand, community/outpatient treatment is the method that allows the patient to continue their regular life beside the addiction treatment. A lot of patients move to outpatient therapy and rebuild their life skills after inpatient therapy. It allows individuals to return to their life with a sober lifestyle to ensure a healthy environment. They may continue to get counseling and therapy sessions during Outpatient treatment.

Rehab Treatment

Methadone, being a synthetic and chemical opioid, can induce addictive traits in people if they are receiving it for meditation. Often the addicted person starts to procure Methadone illegally to satisfy their addiction. Getting into Rehab healthcare is the best idea. The rehabilitation centers offer the best treatment so that the person can return to a healthy life. Here, the patients have a higher chance of recovery through the rehabilitation program. Rehabs offer structured treatment that can curb the addiction in individuals and also contributes to helping them get into society without any problem.

Individual Therapy and Group Counseling

In the case of methadone addiction, therapy, or counseling is crucial. Often patients start the habit due to mental trauma or illness. Some addicted people also have social and environmental issues. Hence, medical treatment cannot be fruitful without addressing those underlying issues.
Due to this, mental counseling and psychological treatment are often considered one of the key points here. RehabHC offers advice to Methadone addicted individuals so that they can live past their addiction issues without any problem.

Patients receive personal counseling and group or peer counseling to understand how to curb addiction. Often sober professionals are out of addiction guides during the counseling session for a realistic approach. They can provide the best advice to help addicted people.

Treatment for Additional Disease or Health Conditions

Methadone addiction comes with many additional health problems. Hence, a patient also needs treatment for those health issues. Patients often suffer from neurological, gastroenterological, and other medical syndromes. Such incidents are called co-occurring disorders. In most cases, patients suffer from weight loss, vision loss, digestion problems, and psychological problems like mental guilt, trauma, and identity issues. Proper medication with counseling can help to cure these other health issues.

Often insurance policies cover the cost of rehabilitation and related treatments for methadone addiction. RehabHC is one of the best UK Addiction Treatment centers that offer complete and comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals; their customized and holistic approach can help a person to lead a happy and healthy life without addiction.

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