Effects Of Cannabis

Sometimes, we take things too lightly for our good. This is exactly how people get into the habit of taking cannabis. People often consider that just taking some of the cannabis is harmless and will not cause any problem. This perspective is the cause of all downfall, and before long, people are knee-deep into addiction.

To start with, regular and long-term use of cannabis can have a deep and irreversible impact on the psychological and cognitive behavior of the users. With the passing of days, people are innovating more in this regard and have come up with the more potent form of cannabis like ‘Skunk’. This is 3 times stronger and can cause long-lasting damage to the brain of the users. In the UK, you may get the best treatments for all levels of addiction from Rehab Healthcare, a clinic offering holistic de-addiction programs.

The problem with cannabis addiction is that it is legal to use it for medical purposes in many regions. In the UK, for instance, it is illegal to possess, grow, or sell. But in the USA, across many states, growing and possessing cannabis or hash for recreational or personal use is legal. This said, the use of cannabis is highly debatable, and we shall now check what damages it can do to the body and mind.

The Damage Marijuana Consumption does to You

It may tamper with how the brain processes the information and cause your brain cells to release the happy chemical dopamine. It may even cause you to lose memory or make you lose balance. Hallucination is another side effect of cannabis, and heavy use can cause dependence. It can cause the heart to palpitate and keep the heart rate very high (20% higher approximately) for very long too. Such problems cause a few symptoms and if you are a concerned person, check for the symptoms. It could be bloodshot eyes, or irritability, lack of interest in socializing, memory loss, panic attacks, and more.

Thankfully, today, you can avail yourself of the best treatment of cannabis addiction from the reputed clinics in the UK.

Now, we shall see what other severe complications would arise from the long-term consumption.

1. Lung Damage

The smoke from cannabis is by far the most dangerous as it has around 50 carcinogens. This directly impacts the lungs and can even cause cancer, though there is not much clinical research to support this. Exposure can cause many other problems to the lungs like pneumonia and bronchitis.

2. Cognitive Impairments

Many studies imply that the long-term use of marijuana can impair cognitive abilities. How long has the person been taking cannabis, and from what age – all these factors add to the condition. The effects of cannabis on speech and processing information slowly are serious problems resulting from the use. However, many other factors add to this condition: alcohol dependence or poor mental state due to depression. If one has been taking marijuana since adolescent years, they would have a lower IQ too.

3. Chronic Psychosis

A big implication of consuming marijuana for the long term can cause schizophrenia. The regular use of marijuana can result in a higher risk of anxiety or depression. As per the studies, after two hours of consuming, the THC levels go down in the blood, thereby causing a drop in happiness. In short, it may cause people to feel more anxious or depressed. This leads them to take more drugs to beat that feeling.

4. Poor Operational Abilities

Regular use and for the long term can lead to a poor sense of stability and coordination. It causes them difficulty in driving safely. They may even have poor memory, thereby finding it difficult to know where they are or what they are doing.

5. Damage to Reproduction System

Researches claim that there is damage to the male testosterone, aka the reproductive system. This is as per the tests done on animals and humans. The impact is visible on the sperm’s ability to move as it appears to slow down after the long-term use of THC. Men also may experience testicular cancer as per the research done on long-term consumption of cannabis. Even in females, the use of marijuana lowers progesterone and estrogen levels. Thereby, it directly damages the fertility of males and females. Moreover, in women, the impact goes deep to damage the fetus’s growth with time.

6. Hallucinations and Nausea

People consuming marijuana for the long-term also experience dizziness and vomiting. They develop hallucinations and feel nausea from time to time. This is as per the study done by National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Treatments on Hand

For the ultimate private rehabilitation clinics in the UK, contact Rehab HC. This is the best you can do to help your friend or family member who shows any visible symptoms and is becoming a recluse slowly. They might recover faster with all the help they can get in time. If they are dependent on the drugs for long, they may need immediate consulting and rehab therapies. So, consult with the best doctors now and save a life!

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