Improve Your Chances in Heroin Recovery

Morphine or Semi-synthetic opioid diacetylmorphine has been around for long as heroin. Its easy availability from poppy seeds has made it more dangerous than ever. However, while poppy seeds may have lesser intensity, heroin is stronger and creates the ‘rush’ in blood and brain.

Every year thousands succumb to the effects of heroin; the addiction to it is by itself a relapse offering negative behavioral changes. Heroin abuse has been a concern. If you find someone smoking or inhaling or even injecting it regularly, make sure to take them to a reputed heroin/opiate detox center.

How Heroin Works?

While getting infected from a dirty needle is high through injecting heroin, the chance of overdose is also equally high. Heroin works on the brain neurotransmitters at great speed. Just snort it once or twice to become an addict.

The feeling of happiness rushes through the brain and can last a few hours as the world around moves at a slower pace. Heroin slows the heart rate and reduces the body from getting pain messages.

Many medicines like oxycodone also contain chemicals in the same family as heroin. Though they are prescription drugs, overdose is quite common. Death due to overdosing on heroin is at an all-time high and so if your friend or family member is already taking these, take note immediately. Go for opiate detox for them to come out of it.

What are the chances for recovery, and can someone come out of it? Let us check the path to recovery.

Steps to Improve Chances for Recovery from Heroin Addiction

Relapse Percentage in Recovery

Relapse will be recurrent and is chronic. So, staying sober will not be easy. Around 60% of people face relapse, and it is common. This is not just your friend or your family member who is facing it. Also, it does not mean failure to stay sober. It means changing the course of action or taking another treatment method. Remember, there are plenty of methods available, and if you visit London-based Rehab Healthcare, you will notice some change for the better. They will customize the treatment plan as per the patient and their needs.

Success Percentage

You may opt for a detox-only option or outpatient program, or short or long-term rehab care. It depends on the level of addiction before one could opt for one of the above treatment programs.

Rapid Detox Option: This method includes just a consultation to understand the level of addiction. Here, you may even recommend the diet to follow to maintain a healthy life without dependence on drugs. The duration of this treatment might just be 5 days, and it can include stopping the heroin consumption followed by sedation just to prevent any withdrawals from happening.

Naltrexone Implants: But the best addition to this treatment would be by adding a Naltrexone implant. This effectively reverses the effects of heroin on the body. However, the effects would last for six months, after which there would be a need to replenish the implant. The only drawback to this rapid detox plan is the speed of relapse. To ensure a longer impact, you would need rehab.

Medication and Rehabilitation: This is plan B of your treatment. If you want to get the best in treatment and recover faster, successfully, opt for rehabs like Rehab Healthcare is the ideal choice. They would go for an opiate replacement to give you medicines as a substitute to replace the heroin. Methadone is the most common choice of medication. But for it to work, you would need to stay at the rehab clinic under the watchful eyes of the doctors.

This rehabilitation will last for a few days. The short-term inpatient treatment should ideally follow up with therapy. That said, a long-term rehabilitee is the most effective.

The Best Long-Term approach: If you seek the best private rehabilitation clinics in the UK, contact Rehab HC. The rehab program will come with 24-hour support and with the help of a therapeutic community. The stay can be from 6 to 12 months as per the NIDA rules. The methadone treatment would continue for a year. The TC would do its best at bringing you to normalcy and into society. The doctors might recommend you to have Naloxone, Naltrexone, Buprenorphine, and more, among the medicines.

Trust the Therapies: Therapies are often great components of any detox program. From cognitive-behavioral therapy to family and motivational therapy, you can benefit inherently.

The ultimate opiate detox is possible only when you combine all of these steps or take the most effective ones. They will help detoxify the body and completely cleanse the body of the drugs like heroin.

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