Weighing The Binge Eating Disorder And Tackling It

In the present times, when people are becoming more visible on social media, they are also trying to look good. It may sound like a good thing in the beginning, but it is far different from reality. Binge Eating Disorder or BED has a staggering mortality rate across the UK and the US. Reports suggest that the average adolescent is conscious of their body image. They are serious about how oversized they are and why they should do something to look good. Binge Eating Disorder is a mental disorder, and thankfully today, treatment of eating disorders is available from reputed organizations like Rehab Healthcare, a UK-based healthcare facility.

They offer comprehensive packages that include a host of services and treatment procedures to ensure superb health and happiness.

They are sure to cause people to watch their diet when they should enjoy life and look for ways to improve it. Several factors add up to or cause binge eating disorders. These eating disorders even lead to people ending up rejecting themselves and having a poor image of themselves. There are many levels or tiers of eating disorders like anorexia, Bulimia as well as Binge Eating Disorders. Therefore, the treatments are also as diverse and distinctive to treat each of the disorders.

1. The Body Image Problem

Parents are no longer worried about the career of their kids. When their child reaches 12 or so, they start watching and idolizing singers and musicians. This is when they start assuming that they should also get a curvy figure like their idols. They do not know the reality of how makeup and Photoshop go to reaching this photoshoot or video.
But when you look at it, binge eating disorder is most common in this age group of 16 to 40. Though kids may not really pay attention to the music and entertainment world in the childhood years and not have any idea about looks. By the time they reach their teen years, they would have started watching and idolizing celebrities. They might not know that there is a big difference between the reel image and the real image.

This is one of the most issues and factors contributing to people thinking poorly about themselves and, worse, starving themselves. Most of these people also feel that they should go for Botox and other costly medical procedures to enhance or reduce their body weight.

2. Traumatic Childhood

Kids experiencing a lot of disharmony at home take to binge eating disorders too. Kids from broken or dysfunctional families might take to eating poorly. They may either resort to binge eating because they consider it a break from their otherwise abusive childhood. This is tragic, and the doctors would find this to be a problematic issue. People in larger bodies also face eating disorders, as do athletes and people with disabilities. People in their middle to senior years take to binge eating and thereby cause them to stress out.

Kids who have endured sexual abuse in childhood are prone to binge eating or anorexia as they find it difficult to face anything more. Children might get poorer tolerance to distress or have poor emotional development.

3. Emotional Reasons

People who are going through emotional stress or depression take to binge eating. Whenever they feel low, people take to eating more ice cream or chocolates. Binge eating is at its highest when women go through PMS too.

4. Dieting

Adults resort to binge eating because they might have tried dieting for years and failed miserably. People making huge efforts to eat less for longer phases or even starve themselves might go for binge eating. People trying their best to diet often assume that they should go without food for more days and get more success that way. They may even have emotional upheavals as they fail to stick to the diet. They may think more about food the longer they go on diets.

People do not know how to strike a balance between dieting and fitness. They consider starvation as equivalent to dieting and skip diets too. If they eat less, they might not feel good about it and thereby feel even more stressed.

Now that you understood the factors leading to binge eating, you must look around and see if your friend also suffers from the same. If yes, take them for eating disorders treatment UK based to Rehab Healthcare. Eating disorders treatment here goes through several steps of diagnosis and counseling. They would need to see a more positive image of themselves. There would be CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, and a treatment plan including dietary guidance. With such treatment plans in place, you or your friend will find great relief and break from the toxic world of body image issues.

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