Private Addiction Treatment

Suffering from addiction is a private matter. People want to maintain privacy when someone of their family or friend circle suffers from addiction. This is the reason they look for a private addiction treatment system where privacy and confidentiality are maintained thoroughly. Getting treated at such rehab centers helps the person get back to normal life without much interference. He never faces any workplace issues or finds it difficult to cope with society after getting cured. His family won’t get social pressure too. Getting treatment from private rehab centers like Rehab Healthcare can limit the patient’s complications and worries that they may face in a publicly held or state-operated center.

Why Look for Private Addiction Treatment

Why Look for Private Addiction Treatment?

While it comes to treatment for drug or any addiction, it is important to know that each person has different treatment requirements. There are numerous private healthcare centers available where you can get the kind of treatment you want. Based on the condition of a patient, the specialists at the rehabilitation centers determine the treatments to offer, like-

  • Types of drugs to be prescribed
  • Length of time the drug to be used
  • Considering the condition of a patient, especially if he/she is abusing more than one type of drug
  • The dosage is taken before the treatment
  • Considering any co-existing mental disorder

Once the specialists consider a patient’s condition, they can design the treatment procedure, medicines, and therapies to be used for treating them individually.

Different Types of Private Addiction Treatment Programs

In private rehab healthcare, different types of addiction treatment programs are designed as per patients’ requirements. As the triggers of each patient are different, the treatment procedure should be customized accordingly. Here are certain types of treatment programs provided at the private addiction healthcare system.

1. Residential Rehabilitation Program

Under this program, the patient needs to stay at the treatment location for a period of being treated. The major benefit of residential rehabilitation is that constant medication monitoring and thorough supervision is maintained here. The routine includes several recreational activities, group support, different types of therapies, and counseling sessions.

2. Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This method means a dedicated two to three hours of treatment of the patient regularly. If a person has the strong support of his family and friends, he/she is often recommended with intensive outpatient treatment. Moreover, this treatment is offered to discharged patients from the rehabilitation center but requires regular checkups.

3. Partial Hospitalization Treatment

If the patient has a family obligation at home, they may benefit from this treatment method, where they require hospitalization for a day or for the time being. Usually, this treatment is conducted within a day, and it is expected that people will recover through group meetings and support.

4. Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Several addicts are already suffering from certain types of mental disorders. Suppose such a person gets addicted to alcohol or certain types of drugs that can be fatal for him/her. In that case, an integrated treatment plan should be designed for such patients, which will treat both the patient’s conditions and bring back the functionality of his life.

5. Sober Living Homes

The recovering patients often worry about returning to their house as they fear getting into the same environment that led them towards addiction. Many people prefer to live in sober living homes with proper aftercare and within a new environment in such cases. If you are under the treatment of any private rehabilitation healthcare, you will get certain recommendations and referrals of such living homes to spend your life peacefully.

6. Group Support Programs

This is one of the most challenging parts of the private treatment for addiction as such patients want to avoid any communication or group services. Besides, after the group meetings, many feel lonely again, which is an important trigger towards addiction. Fortunately, online group meetings can be arranged, and people can now create their chat group to share their experiences of life.

Things to Consider While Choosing Private Addiction Treatment

To find the best private addiction treatment, you can consider certain important things.

Statistics and Recovery Rate: Every rehab center will promise you to give the best services available. But, still, there is something to do from your side. You can arrange a meeting with the therapist to clear your confusion. You can also talk to the staff about the opinions of former clients and so on.

Credentials of the Professionals: You should check the credentials of therapists and other staff related to the treatment procedure to know their expertise.

Aftercare: Treatment of addiction is a long process. It is not about giving medicines and therapies, and the patient is cured overnight. Aftercare regimes are very important to provide to stop the patient from falling for the addiction again. Check out if the center offers you that.

So, here you get a thorough overview of private addiction treatment. There are centers like RehabHC that provide the best treatment and set you back to the normal stream of life in the quickest possible way.

Private Medical Insurance accepted by most Rehab Clinics