Myths of Detoxing You Should Know

The body is the most important thing; if you are not healthy, you will not feel well or perform well in any activity. Excess of anything is bad for the body and mind, so you must exercise extreme caution when ingesting anything. If you want to go through medical detox, make sure to visit a reputable healthcare center like RehabHC. Here, you will receive excellent medical detox services from specialist healthcare professionals.

What is a Medical Detox?

Most people want to know about medical detox. It is a process in which your body detoxifies from drugs, alcohol, or a few more things. This process helps the patient for long-term recovery by detoxifying his body from harmful substances. Your treatment can be provided in a hospital or at a detoxification service as Residential Detox.


1. Detox Programs Have Low Success Rates

It is a myth that detox programs have fewer success rates. If you go under detox treatment, make sure you are under good supervision. The treatment, if offered by experienced professionals, has good success rate hence it is essential that you are aware of the extent of the service provided by the clinics before engaging with them.

2. Detoxification by Home

Home detox is possible for the mild low-level case of alcohol addiction but may not be the case for heroin, benzodiazepine, and more serious alcohol addictions. This is because the process may not comfortable and all the necessary tools and expertise needed to make it comfortable are not available at home. There are many detox treatment centers that provide residential detox, like Rehab Healthcare. Always try to go with professionals and experienced doctors.

3. Faster Detoxification Gives a Good Result

Many people believe that faster detoxification is good, but it is not. Every patient must prefer slower detoxification so that the doctor can perform all the processes. The detoxification speed depends upon the addiction duration, age, family history, genetics, and many more things. You can consult with the doctor about the treatment duration.

4. Won’t Get Withdrawal Symptoms

Every patient indeed feels different symptoms while having detox treatment. If you are going for detox treatment, then make sure professionals will manage your symptoms. You can share everything with them so that they will perform the function accordingly. Professionals find that the withdrawal process is different for every patient; some will take days, some weeks.

5. Detoxification is a Painful Process

Let us tell you, the professionals will do everything that makes you feel comfortable. While undergoing detoxification, the patient needs more psychological, medical, and moral support. The professionals will do everything possible to make the process comfortable and as pain-free as possible. To ensure you will feel very comfortable during the whole treatment process, make sure you go with experienced healthcare service providers.

6. Never Relapse After Detoxification

Detoxification does not mean you will not use those kinds of substances again. You have to be very self-controlled after detoxification and put your energy towards good things to distract yourself. You would have also learned a lot of strategies during your rehabilitation to help you overcome craving and temptation.

If you believe in any of the above myths, you are wrong. You must learn about the topic completely before believing in pre-designed myths. You can also consult with your doctor as they will clear all your doubts and queries.

Process of Detoxification

  • The very first step is to visit the official site of RehabHC and contact us by telephone, email or by completion our online contact form to enquire about and begin the process.
  • Detoxification is not a cheap process; we try to make everything cost-effective. Some of our centres are the cheapest you would find in the UK although we also expensive ones depending on how exclusive they are.
  • Our professionals will talk with you. You need to share everything regarding your addiction, mental health, physical health, and drug urges.
  • Once your detox treatment starts with our professionals, we will make you comfortable in your room by providing all the major facilities.
  • You also engage in intensive psychological interventions that help you overcome your addiction.

All the above processes are easy; you don’t have to worry about detoxification. RehabHC has numerous professionals, the staff are good and helpful. They all will help you to overcome this addiction physically and mentally too. For more details, you can use the customer care service of Rehab Healthcare, as they will provide you all the details in simple steps.

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