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Is Detoxification A Solution In Pregnancy

Detoxification A Solution In Pregnancy

Nothing goes as per plan in life. You may do things, and sometimes things happen to you, not when you expect them. If you have been abusing drugs for long, you have a significant problem. However, it only gets more complicated when you learn that you are expecting a child. Doctors also feel that it is a risky move, but you must earnestly take steps to safeguard your soon-to-be-born child.

Detox and what it means

When you say detox, you mean removing any toxins from the user’s body, whether you are abusing drugs or alcohol. However, there are two ways of doing it; one is the outpatient way, and the other is the rehab way. You may check out Rehab Healthcare. This is a UK-based clinic specializing in offering complete treatment for any abuse. They have dedicated teams of specialists who can counsel or even offer diagnosis and even recovery solutions.

The detox process is excellent, but it should happen under strict medical supervision. If you are taking opiates, it is always advisable to never stop such medicines on your own. Doctors also would claim that there would be chances of you getting sudden withdrawal symptoms that even can risk miscarriage.

The Real Risk for the Child

Indeed, your alcohol or drug addiction and consumption might even risk your baby’s health. Consult only the specialist before you even think of doing away drugs. Many women find it especially difficult to stay away from drugs normally. Their hormones go for a toss with pregnancy, which can also be hectic for women.

Is Detox Advisable?

Yes, detox is possible when the doctor monitors it. You can detox at any time of pregnancy though it is advisable to do so in the middle of the second trimester. This is when the risk of miscarriage is also low.

How do the doctors take care of pregnant women who go for the detox? They try to replace the drug with Methadone or Buprenorphine. These can help in sustaining the withdrawal process. Using these medicines will be better for you and the child instead of opioid medicines or heroin. Still, any baby born to mothers who also take these medicine replacements like Methadone may still have some side effects.

Doctors advising the alcohol detox treatment in the UK will also urge women to be clean and sober through their gestation period. This is natural, and they may try tapering to come out of it slowly.

This decreasing dosage will help you come out of any withdrawal symptoms also slow and steady.

Is Rehab another Great Alternative?

Whether full or partial, rehabilitation is always a great suggestion. You might find someone to watch and take note of any behavioral changes. They will help you deal with cravings. The support staff will also be making sure that you stay away from drugs. While women living in their homes during pregnancy might still access drugs, that is impossible. Therefore, they will have no other way out but to go for the treatment.

Relapses are lesser when you have support groups eagerly helping you fight the problem. A full rehab will help you understand what triggers your cravings. It will also show why you have failed other treatments and how you can do it this time. The customized treatment plan will include psychological counseling and other such methods. These can also additionally help in the process. Therapies are excellent, and so you can rely on the same here.

The customization of your treatment is vital because you are pregnant and may have an additional life to care about. So, women seeking safer childbirth should not delay in going for this.

The Challenges and How to Face them

Women who have been struggling to leave drugs might find it difficult because the conditions back home that triggered their addiction will not go away. Sometimes, therapies and counseling with the family members around will help. Many women find it difficult when they get a steady supply of drugs. Even after addiction detox, when they go back home, they stand a chance to get back into the addiction process.

As a person who has undergone detox from the best UK addiction treatment center in London, this is when you should step back. You should know you do all of this for a baby who is yet to enter this world. As a responsible woman, you should consider the negatives your drug addiction can bring about. This should remind you that addiction is bad and that you should find ways to keep your system clean. Your baby’s good health depends on the move you take, and this is one valid reason already for you to detox!