Methadone Treatments

Methadone is an artificially produced opioid-based drug. It is one of the most effective drugs used since the time of the World Wars as painkillers. This sedative drug acts directly on the human brain and nervous system to relieve people from unbearable pains. Methadone is also known as Physeptone. This opioid-based drug is also used as a substitution treatment for patients suffering from heroin abuse to reduce the harmful element.

Although this helpful drug is completely safe and effective to use under the supervision of any professional Rehab Healthcare program, history has shown that many people get addicted to this drug and keep taking it beyond its prescribed limits. A methadone overdose can be fatal if not checked in time. Like all other medicines, it also has some side effects, especially if not consumed in a controlled manner.

Side-Effects of Methadone Treatments

Some Common to Serious Side Effects

If you are prone to get side-effects of taking any medicines, you might suffer from problems like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Feeling dizzy, tired, or sleepy
  • Mild headache
  • Dry mouth, eyes, or nose
  • Sweating more than normal
  • Feeling cold
  • Mood swings or feeling numb
  • Major allergic reaction
  • Breathing trouble, irregular heartbeat
  • Swelling of tongue, lips, face, mouth, throat, etc.

It is best to contact your nearest physician or help center as soon as you get any of these side effects. However, we are going to find some ways to deal with such side effects after methadone treatment. RehabHC is one such place where you can get some professional help in such cases in the UK.

1. Take A Nap

If you feel extremely tired or feel an uncontrollable urge to sleep, then taking a short nap might be the most helpful solution for you. You can get the best results for the map if you follow these tips:

  • Keep it brief: Never take a long deep sleep. It can increase your grogginess instead. Try to keep the nap brief for about just 15 minutes at a stretch.
  • Nap during the early afternoon: If you delay the nap time, it can disrupt your night-time rest. Try to go to sleep before 3 pm.
  • Create a favorable environment: Create an ideal setup for getting a quick but deep sleep. Find a comfortable bed in a dark and quiet room. Ensure the temperature of a room is pleasant and the surrounding is quiet so that you can get optimum rest.
  • Get a transition: Take your time before you wake up. If you abruptly wake up in the middle of your nap, it cannot give you the desired relief. Give yourself some time to get ready to leave the bed.

2. Do Some Physical Exercise

Simple to moderate physical activity helps in staying energized all the time. Exercising helps boost your energy by increasing the blood flow and pulse rate of your body and preventing you from feeling dizzy. After completing your methadone treatment, make a morning or evening walk habit every day or do simple stretching exercises.

3. Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing exercise is always very helpful for any human being, whether you are under any treatment or not. It can be performed any time anywhere. Breathing exercise can help you boost blood circulation or awake your brain cells. Find yourself a quiet corner at any place, preferably in the open air, and try some breathing techniques.

  • Stand up straight with your arms by your side in a relaxed position and keep your eyes closed.
  • Inhale fresh air through your nostrils, and at the same time, raise both your hands above your head.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds and feel your rib cage expanded.
  • Now exhale the air through your mouth and lower your hands.
  • Repeat the process till you feel refreshed.

4. Eat Something Healthy

Try to grab some healthy snaking items when you feel drowsy. Some healthy snacks include celery or wheat crackers, peanut butter, yogurt with nuts and fruits, hummus and baby carrots, etc.

Find Help

If you are someone from the UK and suffering from issues due to methadone addiction, do not be frightened. You can always find help from professionals working tirelessly to help people find a better life on the other side of this darkness. RehabHC is a team of professionals with several clinics all over the country who have tremendous experience in the field of treatment for methadone addiction through psychological intervention and medical detoxification methods. Addiction is not a single problem; it brings a series of other problems – physical and psychological, along with it.

So, if you or your loved ones are dealing with such problems, you can contact any rehabilitation center like RehabHC across the country. With proper guidance, counseling, and treatment, you can also have a beautiful life because you deserve it.

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