How Can Telehealth Services Help To Recover from Addiction

In this COVID situation in this year 2020, in-person treatment is difficult. All the health workers around the world are working relentlessly to curb the curve of the affected people, and in between, providing usual treatments in person is getting more difficult. Due to this, the telehealth services are getting popular and working for those who suffer from any chronic diseases or getting ill in this pandemic situation.

Now, if someone is going through the treatment of addiction, they may have the question of whether telehealth services can continue the treatment to bring them back from binge drinking or any other type of addiction. If you are under any rehab clinic in UK like RehabHC, you can get such service from the comfort of your home and without the risk posed by Coronavirus. Here, we will discuss how telehealth services can help you to fight addiction.


What is Telehealth Service for Addiction?

Telehealth service is nothing new in the field of treatment. Many providers used to provide virtual assistance to the patients through video calls and over the phone. But, due to the Covid-19 situation, the practice of telehealth services has increased a lot. Several medical health service providers like RehabHC offer this service as per the requirement of the patient.

While it comes to treating addiction, the services of telehealth providers may include case management, assessment of the case, medication management, psychological evaluations, and crisis intervention. Through video calls and video conferences, you can get therapies and counseling. In addition, telehealth services also include treatment procedures and therapies even after the discharge.

If you consult the best alcohol addiction treatment service in UK, like Rehab Healthcare, you can get the same treatment and care virtually as you received in-person. Based on your requirements, the addiction therapists will make a treatment plan for you and keep it confidential while providing treatment at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Getting Virtual Addiction Treatment

Once you get treatment from the comfort of your home, your triggers can be eased quite effectively, and the virtual treatment will do the rest of the work. Here are the benefits of getting telehealth services for addiction.

1. There Won’t be Any Geographical Barriers

If you access telehealth services, you don’t need to travel to the addiction center. To get treatment from RehabHC, you can connect with them through video call, from any corner of the world. You don’t need to travel by train, air, bus, cars, or anything and you can get the best service from your home.

2. Get Along with your Family

Family sessions play an important role in treating addiction. When you are confined to your house, you can join in a family therapy virtually. With the help of telehealth services, you can include your family members in the therapy to get connected with the therapist and share their concerns with him.

3. Provides Crisis Intervention

Addiction often creates a certain crisis when you require immediate treatment. You don’t need to worry as it is easily possible through telehealth services. As the services have improved a lot, it is now easy to get emergency care along with an all-time support system to get help.

4. Maintains Connections

Isolation can often trigger addiction. The feeling of loneliness, especially in this depressing situation, can be worse on the patient. But, if you attend group therapies through telehealth services, you won’t feel abandoned bur rather get connected with lots of your peers. You can communicate with others and know about their journeys from addiction to sobriety. You can also share your experience to influence others to recover soon. Thus, maintaining a good support system is easy with the virtual treatment procedure.

5. Enhancing Accountability

Many telehealth programs provide built-in accountability to emphasize early recovery. You can be in charge of your recovery program, and that can create a sense of self-confidence in you. Besides this, you will get medical support and clinical guidance throughout your journey to sobriety. As you know, there is a support system that works for you 24×7, you can stay calm and focus entirely on self-recovery.

6. Extended Treatment Time

Telehealth service allows you to have a treatment procedure as per your convenience, which was not possible in case of in-person treatment. Virtually, you can ask for more therapies and sessions to help you get back to normal life soon.

Telehealth service will not let you go without treatment when you are suffering from addiction. In this pandemic situation, telehealth services are working successfully around the world for treating people.

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