Alcoholism Is Destroying Your Muscles

Alcoholism has a serious impact on your health. It can break you physically and emotionally and leave you nothing but a weak and sick body and mind. If you are already on muscle gaining activities, alcohol can hamper your effort. You don’t need to be addicted, but a sufficient quantity of drink regularly is enough to create muscle discomfort in your body. You notice a kind of joint pain or muscle discomfort in the morning after having heavy drinks at night. So, if someone consumes alcohol regularly, it can make the situation worse. Going for residential rehabilitation can solve your issues or consult the best rehab healthcare centers like Rehab HC to treat your problems properly is essential.

Common Muscle Problems You Can Have

If any of your relatives are suffering from alcohol addiction, he/she may have the following muscle problems like

  • Muscle cramps
  • Aching joints
  • Impaired recovery
  • Weakness
  • Poor performance in physical activities
  • Less endurance

Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Development

Effects of Alcohol on Muscle Development

Medical professionals know how alcohol can damage your muscles. As per several studies, it has been proved that alcohol has many negative impacts on the human body, damaging muscle growth, and development. For example, alcohol causes dehydration. If you stayed dehydrated for hours, it can damage your muscle growth and become weak. Here are some of the ways alcohol can damage your muscle development.

1. Alcohol Prevents Calcium Absorption

Calcium is one of the major nutrients that your body requires for bones and muscle development. But, when someone depends much on alcohol, it prevents the absorption of calcium into your bloodstream and hampers muscles’ growth. As a result, your body gets weak by losing strength.

2. Alcohol Induces the Release of Creatine Kinase

Creatine Kinase is a kind of chemical that lives in the muscles of your body. Whenever you are injured, your muscles release this chemical to cure the injury and build the muscles to function again properly. But, increased release of CK means your muscles are more injured. When an alcoholic person goes through a blood test, the result shows a high level of CK. This means the person is going through severe muscle damage. To put it simply, alcohol damages muscles and release CK in high quantity.

3. Alcohol Causes Muscle Cramps

This is another way how alcohol causes muscle damage. The job of your liver is to get rid of any harmful substances as soon as possible. Now, your liver takes much time to get rid of it and remains in your bloodstream when you consume alcohol. Thus, it makes your body intoxicated. Now, if you exercise, your body produces lactic acid, causing cramps. Usually, your liver always works to get rid of lactic acid to keep your body working. But, when you already have alcohol in your body, your liver tries to remove that first. So, the lactic acid remains in your body, and you suffer from muscle cramps.

4. Alcohol Causes Aching Body

People, who are too alcoholic, always suffer from joint pains and aching body. It happens because alcohol makes you dehydrated. Alcohol works as a diuretic, which means it increases urine production. Once you urinate frequently, your body will lose enough fluid, and you get dehydrated. As a result, your body aches and suffer from cramps. If you have alcohol, drink enough water to keep your body hydrated.

5. Alcohol Hampers in Re-building the Muscles

To build the muscles, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) works effectively. It helps in building muscles and collagen in your body. Consuming too much alcohol can disrupt the function of HGH and, thus, damages your muscle growth. Besides, the HGH is produced during sleep. Alcohol however damages the sleeping pattern and thus, reduces the overall production of HGH. Alcohol also increases the level of the stress hormone, which damages the production of HGH.

6. Alcohol Can Cause Muscle Inflammation

Studies prove that alcohol causes inflammation in your body. Once you are feeling the sensation in your muscles, you feel agitated. When someone is already suffering from muscle and bone diseases like arthritis and gout, alcohol can worsen.

These are some ways in which alcohol damages your muscles. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction and its side effects, it is time to consult the UK’s best drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Rehab Healthcare or Rehab HC is a leading name among rehab healthcare centers in the UK. Instead of following any DIY method, you should always follow the expert’s advice from the rehab centers to solve your addiction and treat your physical and mental issues due to the addiction.

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