Detoxing From Alcohol During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a precious period of your life for which you might be waiting for long. It is the time when you feel special, as people around you start taking great care of you. You start thinking and take care of that unborn baby who is growing inside your womb. While you are carrying, you need to follow specific rules and regulations. From your diet to your movement, everything has to be very careful. There will be many people around you to suggest several things, but you should always consult your doctor before following anything.

While you are pregnant, always stay away from consuming alcohol and smoking. Now, if someone is alcoholic and pregnant, the journey of nine months won’t be simple. You have to fight with your addiction while getting prepared for giving birth. Be mentally and physically ready to say goodbye to alcohol. However, do not consider yourself alone in this tough path. Several rehab clinics London UK will help you to fight the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. Centres like RehabHC can help pregnant ladies along with others to quit alcohol and lead a healthy life. Today, you will know a lot about detoxifying from alcohol while you are pregnant.

Detoxing From Alcohol During Pregnancy

Side Effects of Alcohol Especially When You Are Pregnant

Once you are planning for pregnancy, you should stop taking alcohol right then. It is not something that you should quit while you have conceived, but begin the process much before that. The best way to detox is by contacting a reputed detox clinic London UK to get the best help.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have a deadly impact on the foetus as well as to the would-be mother. While consuming alcohol, it mixes in your blood, flows through the placenta and umbilical cord, and reaches your baby. The placenta in your uterus prepares food and supplies food and oxygen to your foetus. If alcohol reaches your baby, it can hamper its healthy development, especially brain development. Look at the deadly side effects of alcohol during pregnancy.

Premature Birth – This is one of the dangerous side effects of consuming alcohol. It can result in the premature birth of a baby born before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy. Such babies always have serious health problems, among which some can be permanent for later life.

Brain Damage – If you continue drinking during such a crucial time, it can hamper the normal growth of a baby and its brain. Such a baby can be physically and mentally impaired.

Birth Defects – Babies can be born with lots of congenital disabilities if the mother is alcoholic during pregnancy. They can have vision problems, heart defects, hearing problems, and many other issues.

Low Birth Weight – This is one of the most common side effects. If a baby is born with less than 5 pounds 8 ounces, it is considered underweight. Such babies are highly sensitive and can be prone to many diseases.

Fetal Alcoholic Spectrum Disorder (FASDs) – There are chances of babies born with FASDs disorder if the mothers are alcoholic while carrying. Babies with such disorder face problems like physical, developmental, and intellectual imparities. Such kids may not be able to learn properly or communicate, getting along with others, or taking care of themselves. Their physical development can also be slower than average. The effects of FASDs will last a lifetime.

Miscarriage – There is a risk of miscarriage to the alcoholic mother where the foetus can die inside the womb before 20 weeks of pregnancy. It can be fatal to the mother even.

Stillbirth – Finally, this is the harmful impact of alcohol that addicted women can suffer from if they do not quit drinking at the right time. In this condition, the baby dies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

To avoid all these catastrophes, it is highly recommended to join any alcohol rehab clinic in London exactly when you are planning to get pregnant.

How Detoxing from Alcohol by Yourself is Harmful?

Are you alcoholic? If yes, then you are surely looking for the best ways to detox yourself to give birth to a healthy baby. Now, many of you often look for the DIY detoxifying methods as you think those work the best. However, reality says something different. The self-detoxifying method can be risky this time, and you don’t want to have any risk while you are pregnant. Let us know about the potential risks of DIY detox methods.

Use of Herbs can be Dangerous

The detoxifying methods are often done with certain herbs and herbal products. Such materials may harm your body while you are carrying. For example, herbs like parsley can cause miscarriage.

Presence of Toxins

During detoxification, the toxin of your body is stirred up, and then those are removed through colon, skin, lungs, and kidneys. However, when toxins are stirred, they get along with the blood, causing harm to the baby and mother.


Due to colon irrigation, you may face excessive sweating, bowel movement, and urination. Though it is fine during the normal condition, not during pregnancy. It can cause dehydration to the baby, which can be dangerous for both.

Apart from these, there are even other side effects of the self-detox system, like

  • Hand tremors
  • Increased pulse rate
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinating
  • Depression
  • Serious confusion

Importance of Rehab Centre for Alcohol Detoxing

Thus, to avoid the risk of self-detoxifying methods, it is always better to join drug rehabilitation centers London or in your hometown for a full-proof result.

Alcohol or drug detox is a complex procedure, but while you are pregnant, you need to get ready to face all the difficulties for the sake of your newborn. The first thing to do is to find a reputed detox clinic for the purpose. Once you get it, always inform the helping staff about your pregnancy beforehand.

During the detox program, you may get certain drugs, which can be harmful to the fetus. But, doing it randomly, just one fine morning, is not the right way to do it. You should not stop taking drugs or follow any self-detox method abruptly, as it can cause a severe impact on your health and baby. Thus, it is always better to find a well-known drug rehab clinic in the UK and get proper help from the efficient people.

To help you on this difficult path, RehabHC is ready to serve you with their efficient staff and helping members making your journey less painful. They also use specific therapy procedures to bring you out from this critical situation. Get more details about quitting alcohol and drug while you are pregnant by contacting RehabHC in the UK.

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