Addiction to anything can have adverse impacts on your life, and when it is cocaine, you have to be very careful about the effects of this abusive drug. Cocaine is a highly recreational drug that can create a sense of euphoria in the users, and that can affect the body instantly. As the drug creates a sense of immense happiness and invincibility in the user, it is easy to fall for the addiction of it, which comes with the baggage of short-term as well as long-term effects.

If someone is already addicted to cocaine, and it is difficult to fight the addiction, the best thing will be to consult alcohol rehab London, UK, like Rehab Healthcare where the patients are treated to get rid of this addiction and get back to the regular stream of life.

Cocaine can make you high instantly, but it lasts for a very short time. Hence, to increase the high, the users charge more doses often, which can have fatal effect on your brain and body. Regular consumption of cocaine can cause several physical issues, like bleeding from nose, hallucination, lung damage, and even death.


Various Effects of Cocaine on Your Body

  • The Effects of Cocaine Is High on Your Brain: Consuming Cocaine is possible through snorting, smoking, or injecting. Whatever process you follow, it travels to your brain instantly through your bloodstream. As soon as it enters into your brain, you feel high, but that is short-lived, like for 5 minutes. According to experts, snorting cocaine can give the user high pleasure for 30 minutes. Hence, many people prefer to breathe it.
  • Cocaine Plays with the Hormones of Your Body: The brain cells are responsible for releasing happy hormones, like dopamine and serotonin. The balance of these hormones to your body plays a vital role in making you experience happiness, desire, reward, motivation, etc. There are receptors of these hormones that receive the signals after the release of these hormones from the brain cells. Cocaine blocks the receptors and deactivates those to receive the signals, and as a result, you can feel the mixture of all hormones, “the high.”

    Regular consumption of cocaine can disturb the balance of these hormones in your body and affects the brain’s activity. If someone close to you is suffering from cocaine addiction, you should not be late in consulting the expert help from drug and alcohol rehab clinics UK.

  • Cocaine can make You Feel Paranoid and Irritated: As per studies, the consumption of cocaine is highly connected to psychosis, where the addicted person loses his connection with reality and lives in a make-believe world. As a result, you can suffer from irritation, agitation, anxiety, highly stressed, hallucinations, and finally, paranoia.

    If a person is already suffering from these serious issues, cocaine can make the situation worse, and without consulting a rehabilitation center you don’t have an option in that case. Consulting Rehab Healthcare will be the best decision where they treat such patients with the utmost care, and the success rate is quite high.

What Are the Other Effects of Cocaine on Your Body?

Apart from the effect on your brain, cocaine can also damage the other parts of your body. If you continue using it regularly, it will have a lethal impact on your health.

  • The Blood Vessels can be Stimulated: Cocaine can bring your body to fight or flight mode. It does so by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Besides that, your blood vessels can be tightened, which affects the regular blood flow in a different part of your body.
  • You will not Feel Hungry: Besides the impact of cocaine on your brain, there are lots of other side effects of this deadly drug on your body. Regular consumption of cocaine can lower your appetite, and you will feel less hungry. If this situation sustains regularly, you will suffer from malnourishment and lose weight on a serious note.
  • Cocaine can Damage Lungs: Apart from snorting cocaine, the users can also smoke it or inject it. Smoking cocaine continuously can cause injury to the lungs, which is known as “Crack Lung.” If you have already asthma, then the situation can get worse if you consume cocaine regularly. Besides that, you may also suffer from pneumonia, interstitial lung disease, bronchiolitis, emphysema, pulmonary hypertension, tumors, and infections.

Besides, cocaine can cause headaches, heart disease, mood changes, sexual problems, loss of smell, swallowing trouble, and much more. If you know someone who is suffering from cocaine addiction, provide alcohol and drug rehab in London can be a great help to him or her. Rehab Hrealthcare can be the best place where you can take that person to help him fighting his condition and get back to the usual track of life.

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