How To Tackle The Alcohol Temptation After Rehab

Alcohol addiction may be something you wish you never had, especially when you see visible damages it does. However, you are already on your first step towards recovery, when you realize you are falling prey to this. There are several ways to fight Alcohol detox London based, and one way is by seeking expert advice from Rehab Healthcare.

What Happens on Identifying Problem Drinking?

The second step could be to consult your friends or family. In short, people who will go to any lengths to see you get over your habits. Then after, you may call the counsellors at Rehab Healthcare, the premier Alcohol Addiction Clinic London based. They will then guide you through the residential detox process. It will be an orientation program where they will discuss the ways you may start the journey to detox yourself. The first step of the assessment will be there. After that, they will help you pick the rehab. In many cases, the family will be assessing and deciding this rehab as per their budget constraints. Moreover, after regular assessments, the doctors will find you sober and clean and allow you to go home.
Now begins the big challenge of aftercare.

What Makes Aftercare an Essential Part of Recovery?

By aftercare, we mean the life outside in the open, where the temptations to go back to alcoholic ways is high. The first 3 months would be the most challenging phase. Remember, once you leave the Alcohol Addiction treatment in the UK in a rehab centre, your abstinence goes through the ultimate test.

In a rehab, you hardly have anyone asking you for a night out party, or bring in a crate of beer for a movie night. This is, therefore, easier than the aftercare time. Now you are back home, consider taking this specialized care for making the aftercare period more meaningful and let you remain sober.

How to Handle the Challenge of Temptations

Alcohol Temptation After Rehab

It is going to be a daily struggle, mind you, but it is undoubtedly better than going back to the alcoholic ways. Relapse is common when you are once again getting such triggers urging you to go for the alcohol or substance addiction. So, let us list on ways to make you stay clean and for good too.

Know Your Support: If you could be the people who care for you, the valuable people. Understand the pain they went through to get back on your sober ways. Many support groups are available online or locally too. You may even contact the Alcohol Addiction Clinic London based on where you got the rehab services to give you such a contact. These are all people who would be all in this together, fighting the lure of the addiction.

Use CBT to Recognize Red Flags: Start by identifying the red flags that are strong enough around you. It will help you know the best ways to stay away from them.

  • Stay away from people who force you to drink
  • Stay away from triggering situations
  • Stay away from negative feelings, anger
  • Avoid conflict with anyone near you
  • Stay away from bars in parties

Continue with Discipline: The idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop. When you were in rehab, you would have got a specific form or discipline to lead your life. Now the aftercare period also follows the same lifestyle. Be busy with your life, and don’t stop exercising and healthy diets. It should be a way of life, and it would also ensure you never swerve out to old ways again or have time for going back to alcohol.

Use CBT to Stay Away from Temptation: Now, you have understood the triggers that push you to temptation, find out ways to stay away from it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will be essential to remain on watch and alert you when you are too close to the urge.

De-Clutter Your Life from Stashes: In times of alcoholism, you may have hidden the bottles or have cans of beer in the refrigerator 365 days a year. Now that you are trying to get over it, remove all the old traces of drinks from your home. Remove all the bottles from wherever you usually hide it. It would help if you did it yourself and without the least hesitation.

Get Help When You Fail: If you feel you are slipping, don’t hesitate to seek help again. There is no hard and fast rule that you should not go for rehab again. We all have our strengths and battles we face. Some have more substantial will power and some with less. But remember, the aftercare support teams will always be there to answer you whenever you need it.

The way to recovery is not simple, and it requires more commitment than ever to remain sober all life.

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