Are you experiencing chest pain after consuming alcohol? Then it is quite alarming! Drinking too much alcohol can cause heart disease, and you can suffer from chest pain and other difficulties like irregular heartbeats, abnormal breathing, and so on. Too much alcohol can even pose death threats. If you know someone who is an alcoholic and suffering from chest pain, ask him to consult Rehab Healthcare to get proper treatment for his chest pain and get rid of addiction.

Can Alcohol Affect Your Heart?

Can Alcohol Affect Your Heart

Too much alcohol consumption can lead to severe heart diseases, and those can be fatal for you. When you consume alcohol, your liver breaks it down in several harmful particles, causing severe harm to your body. If you are exposed to these substances regularly, and for a longer time, you can damage your heart the most. People who have a history of drinking for a long time will have weak heart muscles. This can cause cardiac failure quite abruptly. Besides these, alcohol addiction can take a toll on your hormones and create a hormonal imbalance in your body. This will surge adrenaline rush in the human body repeatedly and cause heart damage.

Can Alcohol Lead to Chest Pain?

Addiction to alcohol can cause heart diseases, and chest pain is a major symptom. However, there are certain conditions when consuming moderate alcohol can also cause chest pain and heart issues. Here are some of the heart diseases related to alcohol and cause chest pain.

#1. Alcohol Allergy

Many people are allergic to alcohol. Consuming a little amount of alcohol can cause serious issues to them, like chest pain. If you ever have experienced it, you should stay away from any kind of alcohol to remain safe.

#2. Acid Reflux

Too much drinking can cause acid reflux in some people, leading to chest pain. During drinking, people also have a habit of consuming a large amount of food. This can cause acid reflux, which is distressing and painful. Suffering too much in acid reflux and chest pain can often lead to a heart attack. Addiction to alcohol can lead someone to this fatal end. If you ever feel pressure on your chest and pain after consuming alcohol, immediately call your doctor before it is too late. You have to visit drug rehab clinics in London to get back your sobriety and good health.

#3. Dehydration

When your body dehydrates, there are strains on your muscles like heart muscles. Thus, you can feel chest pain. Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body, and you can feel a dry throat and squeezing pain in your chest. Consuming water and supplying electrolytes to your body can save you from such a situation. If you are a moderate drinker, but goes above the limit on occasions, you should keep yourself hydrated from facing any chest pain.

#4. Hodgkin’s Disease

This is the cancer of lymph nodes. If a patient suffering from this disease consumes alcohol, he can suffer from chest pain. Hodgkin’s disease will not affect your heart, but the irritation in your lymph nodes can cause chest pain to the patient. Dump the habit of consuming alcohol immediately and consult your doctor to stay well.

These are specific causes of chest pain if you are an alcoholic. It is the high time to eliminate this habit and stay fit and fine without any complexities.

How to Deal with Alcohol-related Chest Pain?

How to Deal with Alcohol-related Chest Pain

If you are a moderate drinker and still have chest pain after consuming alcohol, you can follow the below tips to get rid of your problem.

  • Drink too much water as alcohol dehydrates your body, leading to chest pain.
  • Go for anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin, which can give you quick relief from chest pain from alcohol.
  • If you are having continuous pain and don’t get relief from any of these remedies, consult a specialist immediately.
  • If you are having severe chest pain after having alcohol, give a Call to the Ambulance. Always keep the number of the ambulance service ready and give it a call if your chest pain is severe.

What is Cardiomyopathy?

If someone is drinking alcohol for a long time, there is a high chance of suffering from cardiomyopathy. This life-threatening disease will start with minor symptoms. When someone drinks too much alcohol for long terms, the heart muscles increase in size and becomes weak. A weak heart fails to pump blood continuously and tends to fail at any time, causing death. So, you have to check yourself now and visit Rehab Healthcare to get rid of your addiction and get a healthy and happy life.

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