Though heroin is considered the deadliest opioid, charging of this drug is increasing worldwide. It is completely banned, and if a person is caught dealing with this drug, he/she can be sentenced to prison. Taking heroin can have a severe impact on human health. It is not something you can try once under peer pressure and forget about it. The addiction is quick and high, and it is nearly impossible to avoid the addiction without attending drug rehab London like Rehab Healthcare.

If someone closer to you has fallen into the trap of heroin, it is high time to take him/her to Rehab Healthcare, a reputable Drug Rehab Clinic in London; else, it might be too late. Heroin can affect every part of the body severely, and the person will have life-threatening syndromes. Thus, this rehabilitation centre provides detailed information about this dangerous drug and its impact on human health.


What is Heroin?

Heroin is an opioid coming from a flower, opium poppy. It mainly grows in countries like Mexico, South America, and Asia. If you know someone taking brown sugar, be sure that the person is charging opium as it looks like brown powder or white powder or black tar. The other names of this drug are Smack, Brown Sugar, Horse, Junk, etc.

Why Many People abuse Heroin above all Drugs?

This drug gets into your brain quickly and makes you addicted within very less time. According to the experts, it only takes one or two times to get addicted to heroin completely. Usually, the users prefer to inject it through veins, but some people snort or smoke it. Taking injections is the deadliest way of using this drug, as there are chances of an overdose, which can be fatal. Moreover, dirty needles can affect you. To get rid of this addiction, you can visit Rehab Healthcare, where you will get the best rehabilitation procedures to get back in normal life.

What is the Effect of Heroin on Human Heart?

From the discussion about heroin, it is clear that it has serious impacts on human health. The threat of heroin is that continuous usage of this drug can have a long-time impact on every human organ, including the heart. If someone continues charging heroin, it can have a lethal effect on the cardiovascular system. Heroin is an unregulated street drug. It is not dissolved into the system of the user. As a result, the user can suffer from clogged blood vessels that connect your liver, brain, kidneys, and heart. Suffering from clogged blood vessels can result in permanent organ damage.

An effect of heroin injection on the heart is known as Endocarditis, which is an infectious condition of the heart where the inner linings and the heart valves are infected. In the present time, endocarditis has become quite common among teenagers, and the prevalent reason behind this is the increasing several heroin addictions. Thus, if you find anyone near you suffering from heroin addiction, consulting Drug and Alcohol rehab clinics in London can be the best thing you can do for that person. Consult Rehab Healthcare to get the most advanced atmosphere of rehabilitation that will help the sufferer to get back again in the usual life.

The serious matter about this disease is that the symptoms are not clear at the beginning, and often, those are considered as the simple symptoms of any other inflammation. Therefore, many people are left undiagnosed for a period. However, here are the symptoms of Endocarditis:

  • Swollen abdomen, feet or legs
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Pale skin
  • Joint pain
  • Red spots near fingernails
  • Nausea
  • Heart murmur
  • Excessive sweating at night
  • Shortness of breath
  • Low appetite

If you find these symptoms in someone close to you, and you know he/she is taking heroin, it is high time to contact Rehab Healthcare, a drug rehab clinic in London. Try not to go for any DIY rehabilitation methods as that can make the situation worse.

Other Complications of Heroin

Apart from Endocarditis, several other complications can happen due to heroin addiction. Here are certainly other types of health issues that people suffer from their addiction.

  • Skin infections like cellulitis and abscesses
  • Lung infections like tuberculosis and pneumonia
  • The potential risk of having hepatitis B and C
  • Collapsed veins
  • Miscarriage

Heroin addiction can be treated. The top-rated rehabilitation centre Rehab Healthcare, provides the best services to make you leave addiction and never get back to it. Moreover, be very careful about the person who is suffering from addiction. Today, teenagers suffer from lots of social pressure, which often breaks them from inside. As a responsible guardian, be on their side and give them the strength to face challenges in life and succeed.

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