Effects of COVID-19 on Illegal Drug Market in the UK

COVID-19 has shaken up the world in forms we would have never imagined! Shaken and stirred- literally every pillar of the society- the medical, and economy primarily. Countries are checking out each other’s paradigm for fighting this pandemic and how!

The UK government has been working out on ways to contain the pandemic numbers. The controversy surrounding the figures being 15% higher than the statistics, as shown by NHS, and continues to boil.

Besides, there is a brouhaha over the illegal drug business. Will we get to see a rise in the number of people in the Rehab Healthcare clinics once the lockdown is over? Will people be able to stay away from drug addiction during these pandemic times? What are the most significant trends or scenarios the UK is set to witness in the coming days?

COVID-19 on Illegal Drug Market in the UK
  • High Chance of OD with Replacement Illegal Drugs: It is not something new to come across illegal drug markets selling everything from cannabis to heroin. Since the UK has imposed a lockdown, there is a restriction on the movement of drugs beyond. In the country itself, the consumption might still be there, and with over three months of the indefinite shutdown of operations and production, even this stock might run dry soon.

    Hence, the illegal drug suppliers might use a Fentanyl as a substitute for heroin. The consumers not knowing the dosage might simply end up with severe cases of Overdose, causing death. The US is already facing this crisis, and the UK Government may soon take some notes on the same before the fatalities increase.
  • Panic Buying Illegal Drugs: Stockpiling or panic buying is common among the people for drugs and toilet papers. It is also true for people who take cannabis. Fearing the stocks drying up soon, many might have already stashed away their drugs in the home. It can cause another issue that we discuss next.
  • Higher Chances of Addiction: With more than enough stock of drugs lying around in the home, people may now just snort in some whenever they want. It means those who have been trying to fight off the addiction will only find it more challenging to stay off from the drugs now.

How the Health Organizations and Groups Can Help

The Public Health England and the other responsible organizations and watchdogs are working to eradicate this menace regarding the inflow of replacement drugs. Anytime the frontline doctors and medical practitioners note any new drugs, they have to report right away. Information is wealth, and the Public Health England will then inform the public about this drug and its components. By educating the locals regarding these, the government can help the public aware of the same. They can also suggest to them of the dangers they may get by even slight negligence.

Here, we have to remember that currently the NHS has a lot of work and is already running short on its budget since it was cut last year. This said, we may just not get this data right now, and this only means, we wait.

Get Information from Rehab Healthcare

Many people consuming medicines or replacement medicines have to get information from reliable addiction centres. It is the only solution in hand. Those consuming heroin or cocaine have to learn about the ways to store and how sanitizing the same is also essential.

The present times are tough, and it is difficult for the government to micro-monitor every individual and his drug habits.

The Challenges Ahead of Recreational Drug Users

The Challenges Ahead of Recreational Drug Users

The regular cocaine addict may have two big crises ahead of him. One is the lack of money to buy cocaine and second the paucity of cocaine. If he simply smokes weed at home, in isolation, he may continue to do it. Again, if he has already stashed away a lot of it in his trove, he may continue using the same.

The COVID-19 situation in the UK is going to change the economy and the health sector drastically as was made aware by the British government Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. He is also positive that the economy will bounce back quickly and firmly.

Also, one look at the sourcing of drugs like cocaine is usually at bars and clubs. With the lockdown, people may be unable to access this anymore. In addition, the entire lot will now be sold at a lesser price but only to the prized customers. So far, the cocaine imports have been from Venezuela and Colombia besides the regular home-grown ones.

The market is going to be facing the slump. However, people should exercise caution if they are taking any drugs for medicinal or for recreational purposes. Consulting the therapists and counsellors at Rehab Healthcare will be a great move towards seeing a healthier post-COVID 19 life.

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